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Karolina Santl Zupan

Karolina Santl Zupan studied flute at the Ljubljana Academy of Music (Slovenia) with F. Rupel, and thereafter in Vienna with W. Schulz. She was flutist in the Slovenska filharmonija Orchestra for several years and now lectures in flute at the Ljubljana Academy of Music. She has been awarded numerous first prizes in national competitions in the former Republic of Yugoslavia, and latterly in Slovenia, and won a special prize at the international competition in Markneukirchen.

She was also awarded a prestigious Sloven prize, the »Prešeren« prize, for her performance of Gaubert;s Sonata. She has played and recorded many concertos for flute and orchestra for Slovene radio, accompanied by the contry,s two most prestigous orchestras, and is activetly involved in chember music in various configurations.