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Nenad Merle

Nenad Merle (Zagreb, 1956) graduated from the Academy of Music in Zagreb in the class of professor Martin Barić. He is the teacher of violin and chamber music at Pavao Markovac Music School in Zagreb and the head of the String Instruments Department. From 1988-1991 he was also the principal of the school.

He has raised generations of young violinists. His students regularly play in many concerts and contests, perform for radio and television, achieving remarkable results, which are praised and acclaimed by both critics and music public. At state and international contests they have won 106 prizes, including 39 first, 33 second, 8 third places, the special award of the EMCY and many others. Of 29 students who graduated in his class, 23 later graduated from the Academy of Music or are still studying there, both in Zagreb and abroad. He is the member of many juries at regional, state and international contests. He also takes part in the development of school curricula. He is the methodics tutor to the students of the Academy of Music in Zagreb, as well as to young teachers preparing for their State Certification Exam. He is the member of the Croatian Association of Orchestral and Chamber Music Artists, and has been a distinguished member of many orchestras (Chamber Orchestra Gaudeamus, Symphony Orchestra of the Croatian Television, Croatian Chamber Orchestra, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, Varaždin Chamber Orchestra...) for years. With these orchestras he has been performing at home and abroad (Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey...)

In the year 2002 he won the annual award of the Croatian Association of Music and Dance Teachers. Education and Teacher Training Agency of the Republic of Craotia has appointed him the head of inter-county-council for the violin and viol. Two times he has been awarded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia for „excellent work with students“. In 2006 he was promoted to the title teacher mentor, and two years later to teacher counsellor.