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Veljko Valentin Skovarga

Veljko Valentin Škovarga
Education: As a self-started five years playing the accordion, and a primary school in Kutjevo with 10 years of drum playing, which to this day.

High School of Music V. Hall finished in Zagreb, and at the Music Academy in Zagreb in the study clarinet (1985th year) and earned the professional title BACHELOR OF MUSICIANS-clarinetist, teacher and Master of Clarinet MUZIKE. In the study of musical culture in the MA in Zagreb tambura tambura taught by educators Željka Bradic.

The Faculty of Music Art in Skopje, 2011. The completed master's degree in the field of Music Interpretation - tambura mentor mr. Dragan Dautovski and earned a Master's and Professional MUSIC ARTS.

Jobs - Teaching:
From 1985. in elementary school music "K. Baranovic" in Pozega teach the lessons from the instrument clarinet and leads tambura orchestra. The CUO Z. Brkic in Pozega since 1987. - 1991. Water tambura orchestra and girls choir and teach the lessons in the subject music. Artistic Director G.F. Golden Strings of Slavonia, from 1990 - 2000., Whose founder. The director of elementary music school "K. Baranovi+c" since 1991., A music school since its establishment Požega secondary music school 1999th year. In addition to work performed principal teaching tambura for secondary music school in the same school. At the Art Academy in Osijek from 2011. running the lectures Tambure (Bisernica and Brac) and tambura ensemble, as a subcontractor in the title of lecturer, module tambura in the study of music pedagogy.

Art activity:
Leader and soloist, chamber ensemble tambura soloist in Pozega 1985th - 1988.
Musician and leader of many tambura ensembles.
Tamburitza Orchestra Conductor CUO Z. Brkic in Pozega 1987th - 1990. and gymnasium, Pozega from 1991st to 1994th
Conductor tambura orchestra Golden Strings in Pozega 1999th - 2006.
Tamburitza Orchestra Conductor Tomislav HPD from Cernik and head tambura school within society 2006th to 2010th
Orchestra conductor 100 tambura players in Zagreb in 2006. - 2011. in Vienna, Budapest, 2009e 2010th

Compositions for tambura orchestras performed on FHTG in Osijek and two oratorios for tambura orchestra, soloists and mixed choir and compositions for solo instruments, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet.
Processing compositions for classical masters tambura orchestras, chamber ensembles and soloists.
Processing of traditional music for the tambura orchestras and chamber ensembles.
Over 200 songs popular tambura tambura music for ensembles and soloists performed on festival in Pozega, student and Brod, most of them released on recordings and became popular among the people.

Public presentations at professional meetings:
On the professional meetings of the Council of the drum teacher at the state level
- 2006. in Pozega, the theme "The articulation and ornaments in the literature tamburica»
- 2007. in Pozega, the theme "The articulation and technique of playing the right hand»
- 2008. in S. Brod, the theme "Teacher documentation»
- 2008. Spas in Varaždinske lecture and workshops on topics
- Work with tamburitza orchestra
- Create a repertoire tamburitzan

Prizes and awards:
Award for his contribution to the town of Pozega and development of musical art and
Pozega-Slavonia County for their achievements in the art of music.
He has received awards for the Agency's education RH for the results achieved with students drum.
Rewards students with the drum to the state and regional competitions.

Jury member at national and regional competitions tambure Bisernica and Brac, and a member of Hrvatsko društvo glazbenih i plesnih pedagoga (Croatian society of music and dance pedagogues).