International Summer Music School Pucisca Perfect your musical skills with renowned professors from all over the world, on a magical island... Unforgettable!


Nenad Jura Vrandečić, dipl. ing. engineer by expertise, is the founder and art director of the International Summer Music School Pučišća, island of Brač, Croatia. He is a renowned jazz musician in Croatia. He plays for several jazz bands in the country. He has played with almost all estrade musicians and different musical groups in different musical styles in the country and abroad. With his long-standing jazz band, „Zagreb Jazz Portrait“, he has recorded 13 cds and several compilations. He has won many awards, including a professional recognition as best instrumentalist (double bass).

Ivana Vrandečić is bacc. oec., having finished a course in cultural management. She has been the executive manager at the International Summer Music School Pučišća for several years. She deals with the organization of different cultural and artistic programmes and jazz concerts at „Vesna glazba“ company from Zagreb.


Classical music

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